1. Starting Photography

May 1, 2017

Everyone has different reasons on how that got into photography. Mine was because I managed to make a rhino and a hippo disappear.

No I am not David Blaine and have no supernatural abilities, well I might have “mis-abilities”! On a work trip to South Africa I thought it would be worth investing in a new DSLR camera since:

  1. I would be going on a safari which I have never done before – yes I was a safari virgin
  2. I work for a large corporation whose primary product is software for photographers so figured I should learn
  3. Owning an iphone wasn’t going to cut it as I have more photos of my index finger than anything else.

So on this amazing safari the sun was shining and lions were roaring (think they were hungry). Using a kit lens and a telefocal lens that I had recently bought (not reading review or understanding anything aside from the focal length – rookie mistake) I began snapping away.

To this day I assert that it takes great skill to make a rhino look like a smudgy elephant dung and a hippo to seem so blurry that it feels like Brick L17ane on a Saturday night out.

Learning from my mistakes.

Photography is not easy, yes technology bridges a lot of gaps with cameras pretty much doing a lot for you but I wanted to learn more. I attended some classes and found various tremendous “meetup” groups in London (Will have blog posts to promote some of this amazing individuals later) and realised that portraiture was far more my forte.

Afterall, as you can tell if you ever met me, I can talk for England and eternally curious about people’s lives, thoughts and experiences. One meetup turned in workshops, in turn I started organising my own modest shoots before planning and producing shoots of my own.

Benefits of photography (if you ever want you get into it yourself or push a loved on into it)

  1. You get to meet tremendously interesting and talented people from photographers, model, make up artist to random people in the street
  2. You will always managed to get a good facebook profile photo
  3. You will never get into drugs, hookers, alcoholism etc. It is an expensive hobby/profession!

Hopefully you can tell from the photos on my portfolio, this is a creative interest I am so passionate about and highly recommend.

Would love to hear from you, not just the people who want to work with me (although that is always encouraged!) but also if you have an interest in photography, modelling etc. It is a continuous journey that company is always welcome

Ilus photography