My Testimonials

Many thanks to the amazing people I have worked with! Here are some of the testimonials from those that I have been privileged to shoot with.



">Andrew has had such an impact on my career!>

Andrew is not only an incredibly talented photographer, amazing professional and all-round good guy, he’s also the person that has had the most impact on my photography career.
I’ve had the pleasure to participate in several workshops and events organized by Andrew and they have all been exceptional!
I learnt tons, met amazing people and always walked away with so much value!
Thanks Andrew for everything and to whoever may read the lines above, do reach out to him. I cannot recommend this amazing photographer with more enthusiasm!

NAEJ Photography


">An insanely talented photographer, editor, director>

Andrew, Andrew. Where do I even begin with him? Firstly, an insanely talented photographer, editor, director, concept and content creator. To work with him was not only an honour but also a huge step in the way I developed as a model. We have shot a few times, and I hope many more to come. Every time we have created beautiful images and I coolant be happier with the result. He manages to capture the mood behind every picture and honestly, his photos do say 1,000 words. The detail, the set, the concept, the editing, is all ridiculously well thought out and this is every time we have worked together. I love the way he makes me feel not only confident in front f the camera but as a person. I am very happy that I can call Andrew not only an amazing person to do business with but also a very close friend of mine. If you get the chance to ever create with Andrew I seriously hope you gobble up the opportunity as it will be life changing, like it was for me.

Monika Veleva


">Fantastic photographer. Really professional, great>

Fantastic photographer. Really professional, great fun to work with and easy to work with!
Highly recommended by me.

Angel white


">Friendly and professional !>

I’ve been shooting a few times with Andrew and it is always a pleasure to work with him. Andrew is such a nice person, very well organised, talented and easy to work with. His studio is very well equipped and you can find a changing room with a miroir and a few props/outfits.

The pre-communication are always spot on! All the details about this workshop are given: how it works, what to bring, the schedule etc… all nice and clear.

During the shoot, I always feel very comfortable because Andrew cares 100% about her model and the photographer he booked are 100% respectful.

Also, very good at lighting set up… he knows perfectly what he’s doing and does it quite fast! Very helpful with each photographer.

I really look forward to working with him again, Andrew’s workshops are one of the best workshops I’ve attended so far.

Amazing person, amazing teacher. I can only recommend him to other models AND photographers.

Thank’s a lot




">Best photographer ever>

I have worked with Andrew on numerous occasions on group shoots run by him, workshops, fashion, sportswear, lingerie, studio and location – you name it we have shot it!

Very fun, talented and kind photographer with fantastic creative vision. Can’t wait to work with him abroad on some of our upcoming projects.



">Top Locations and great fun!>

I’ve worked with Andrew for many years on studio shoots, locations, multiple overseas workshops and even an underwater photoshoot.
Andrew is so fun and you can have such a good laugh with him which makes you feel super relaxed in front of them camera.
He is seriously good at location scouting so anyone attending workshops or modelling for him gets the great opportunity of shooting at locations you might not get access to other wise.
Don’t hesitate to join his meet up group, book a workshop or model for him.
Highly recommended.

Jade Lyon


">Lovely guy and awesome tog>

I absolutely adore working with Andrew! He’s fun, energetic, creative and a good laugh
he holds fun and engaging workshops as well as personal shoots! As a model who regularly works with him I feel safe, comfortable and love the photos I get.
I’m always looking forward to when I will be next shooting with him! 🙂

Abbie Cornwell


">Amazing work>

Andrew is always a pleasure to work with!
I’m a full time model and love working on his workshops! Its always a good laugh x



">Multi talented and an incredible person!>

I have been working with Andrew for multiple years, I always look forward to every one of his shoots. He is well organised and prepared. We moodboard ideas for shoots well ahead of time, and he incorporates huge elements into his shoots that other photographers push to the side. He ensures that everything he does is done to extreme standards, aiming and achieving incredible results every time. He is an incredible person to work with, he cares for all his team on a shoot ensuring everything runs smoothly so everyone always feels comfortable and accepted. I would work with him every day if the opportunity arose, he is multi talented and incredible at all he does.

Georgia Paxton


">One of my favorite people>

I have worked together with Andrew multiple times at this point. I have done a few studio shoots and a workshop with him as a model and he is truly one of my favorite people out there to work with!
He is not only mindful and respectful of the models he works with (which is rare yet highly important), he also really looks after his models. As a model I feel appreciated with the creative ideas that I bring as well as supported by his own creative processes!

Paulien Broens


">Not just talented but bloody awesome!>

Andrew is full of talent, he knows everything a photographer should know, and shows nothing but respect for models. Every shoot with Andrew is so fun, I always look forward to working with him and I’m always confident I will walk away with some amazing images! He’s a top guy and now a very good friend of mine! I would highly recommend Andrew!

Laura Harwood


">Working with Andrew…>

I have worked with Andrew many times over the last year or so. We have worked in his studio and on location, 1-2-1 and within a workshop setting working from dance and beyond.
Andrew is a fun, professional, respectful and exciting photographer to work with. I know when I get booked by him the shoot will be easy going, have an electric banter filled atmosphere and that I will have a great time as I work. His workshop attendees are a true reflection of himself as a teacher and everyone always has the best time.
Can’t wait to continue our working relationship.

Emma Elizabeth


">He is a brilliant photographer>

I have worked with Andrew on multiple occasions.
He is a brilliant photographer and amazing to work with he is always super professional and full of ideas. He can really hold a room
Very intelligent and knows exactly what he wants to achieve.
His ceative and organisational skills are impressive and his work speaks for itself.

Jasmine Sumner


">Great guy, highly talented, and super professional>

I’ve known Andrew now for almost 3 years when I joined one of his legendary workshops. In a nutshell I’ve learnt so much from him. He is a great guy, a very supportive teacher/mentor and what is most importantly has his feet firmly on the ground and can engage with people at their level, and stays away from the whole ‘my gear is better than your gear’ competition.

If you get the chance to work with him or even commission him for some work then grab it. You won’t be disappointed.



">Andrew is by far one>

Andrew is by far one of the best photographers I’ve ever worked with! Not only is he an incredibly talented photographer, but he’s also ridiculously lovely, considerate and downright hilarious! As a model you know you will always be taken care of with Andrew- he will make sure you get a hot drink and snack if you need it, he always lets you see or delete any of the photos before they’re edited and uploaded (along with your own copies of your favourites) and above all he will always check that you’re comfortable, happy and cared for. If you do ever find yourself working outside with just a thin layer of clothing, Andrew insists he (and any other photographers) remove all jackets and jumpers so that they’re aware of what kind of temperature you’re working in.
Andrew is also tremendously experienced and can work with a variety of different models, including ballet dancers like myself who are notoriously hard to capture with the neverending technical rules and lightning fast movements. He still manages to make me look like a better dancer than I really am!
I couldn’t recommend Andrew enough and I constantly find myself singing his praises to anyone who will sit still long enough.
The only downside is that he’s a huge Taylor Swift fan. So maybe bring earplugs…

Kate Byrne


">Talented photographer and educator>

I have known Andrew for a number of years and have participated in many of his excellent workshops. His boundless energy and enthusiasm for photography make working with him both educational and tremendous fun. He is professional, friendly, supportive and always considerate to models, creatives and fellow photographers, and his ability to communicate effectively at every level make him an amazing mentor, teacher and organiser. Very talented and highly recommended!

Steve Butler


">Learning while having fun!>

I met Andrew at the beginning of my photography journey (on 2017).

While attending his workshops he has given me valuable tips and insights on how to improve my photography. The most important thing I have learned from Andrew is how he interacts and treats his models.

Andrew is really fun to work with! If you are a photographer definitely try to join one of his workshops and if you are a model do not hesitate to work with Andrew!

Marc Ortiz



I have shot with Andrew many times now, and I hope many more times to come!
He is a lovely guy, so easy to chat to and work with. He’s very caring and he made sure I was comfortable and well fed at all times during the shoots.
I am always so pleased with what we create!
I couldn’t recommend him enough!

Claudia Louise


">he a fantastic photographer>

Working with Andy (@ilusphotography), has always been the upmost pleasure. Not only is he a fantastic photographer, always creating the most professional and creative works, he goes above and beyond to ensure a safe and welcoming atmosphere. I have been fortunate to work with him on many occasions, and can say each and every one was a fantastic experience and would recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer, workshop leader, or someone with a lot of knowledge in the industry. Fantastic communication, excellent organisation, and for sure a friendly face!

Amie Hampsheir-Gill


">A photographer who is phenomenal>

Andrew is a delight to work with, I’ve worked with him on a number of shoots including his London Photography Social workshops, and as a model its really interesting to watch him teach the photographers in the groups many different aspects of photography!

Andrew is one of my favourite photographers to work with, he is a pleasure to work with and his enthusiasm for photography is contagious! I feel extremely lucky to have had the opportunity to have worked with him on so many different shoots. From creative themed shoots to just simple portraits, Andrew is a photographer who is phenomenal at what he does and I can’t wait to see what we have in store for the future! Highly recommended!!

Brogan Alexandra


">Life Changing>

Three years ago, I first attended one of Andrew’s workshops, desperate to find the support I needed to become a a better photographer. Here, I found not only a guide and coach but a community from whom I could learn and even occasionally contribute, myself. In the end, my photography has to be fun and this is what I found; a real sense of joy in your successes and, yes, the failures (many!). Andrew fosters an environment of mutual respect: between photographers and of our subjects, the models. This is so important and, sadly, not as common as we should expect. The outcome? New insights, new friends, new artistic possibilities and, I hope, better photography.

Charlie Brand


">A grest guy to work with and a really decent human being>

I have worked with a number of people who run shoots and workshops and Andrew rates as one of my favorites to work with. He has good concepts, is happy to share knowledge and works with a collection of fantastic models. His workshops are places of true friendnship and a concern for the well being of all present. Trust me there are a number of meetup group providers who would do extemly well to learn from this humble man. Coupled with this he is a great photographer and so keen to share his passsion with all who want the benefit of his knowledge.
would I recommend him to others yes without any shadow of hestiation if you get a chance work with this man and your photography will improve the only negative must be some of his choice of music but that another story.

Jonathan Hilder


">An amazing talent>

I have known Andrew for almost a year now and we have shot several times each month. He is an incredible photographer and an even better host. Know for his great workshops, amazing banter and even better playlists! He’s very professional to work with and a multi talented creative.

Bella Filby


">Fantastic workshops and social!>

I have been shooting with Andrew for a few years now, he is an extremely talented photographer, and his workshop got me started with studio and portrait photography. The workshop are incredibly fun and useful, great for photographers of all levels of experience! He is very professional and a lot of fun to work with! I also love the social group he has created, great opportunity to share contacts, experiences, and make friends. Thanks Andrew!

Marco Bertetti


">The best of the best>

Wow where to even begin with Andrew. We have worked closely for 3+ years now. We have worked together on commercial, freelance, workshops, and abroad shoots, and I can honestly say I never never felt more natural as a model as I do in front of his camera.

A friendly guy but also professional. Andrew knows how to make me laugh, have a good time, and while getting all the content needed and more. One of a kind photographer.

Tayszea Lai


">A pleasure to work with!>

Andrew’s photography speaks for itself – his images pop off the screen! What you can also tell is that his models really enjoy working with him. He is motivating and also considerate – his shoots are meticulously planned and prepared and he always goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone gets the shots they want, and has fun along the way !!



">It’s not only a pleasure>

It’s not only a pleasure to work with Andrew he is also a joy to be around. If you are lucky enough to work with him you will probably instantly become friends aswell as coworkers. So pleased I got to know him, and always look forward to seeing him again regardless of if it is for work purposes or otherwise.

Emily Stoner


">I have known Andrew for>

I have known Andrew for a few years now and consider him a good friend by now. We have been on many photoshoots together both in the studio, on location or abroad. Andrew always retains a professional attitude while guaranteeing a fun and productivity He is nothing but warm hearted and fair.
It is of utmost importance to him that everyone on a shoot is treated with respect to build a trustful atmosphere. Working with Andrew means guaranteed great results, fun and you will always learn something new from him.

Stefan de Lange


">Amazing photographer and friend!>

I have shot with Andrew countless times over the years and every single shoot has been a truly wonderful experience. We have worked together on 1-2-1 shoots and also for the LPS workshops that he organises and runs. Pre-communications are always great and everything about a shoot is always sent in full detail beforehand.
Andrew is by far one of the nicest and most awesome photographers I have had the pleasure of coming across while working in this industry. The opportunities he has given me, including my first overseas shoot, was just incredible and nothing will ever compare to that – I will be forever grateful for that opportunity.
Andrew looks after everyone around him, making sure everyone is comfortable and safe. He is a true professional, very fun and creative. Andrew’s brain never switches off I swear. He is always thinking of new places to shoot (in the UK and overseas) and loads of new concepts and ideas – you would never get bored working with Andrew.
A true friend and a genuine, down to earth human!

Kelly Hathaway