#1 The one with the curry

August 26, 2018

In Frame: Viktorija

Image description: The beautiful Viktorija has nothing to do with the blog story, except that she would probably laugh at my stupidity just as she is in this image!



I guess the first post really should be an explanation for the rather ridiculous title of my blog and it’s seemingly lack of relevance to photography in any form despite this being a photography blog. Let me start this explanation that I freely admit I do stupid things when my mind is idle or bored…

So whilst watching an episode of the legendary TV show Friends I was misguided in being inspired by Joey (“How you doin’?”). Anyway after being rather jealous of his lazyboy chair with the beer fridge in the arm I decided to create my own rapid beer delivery service.

Needless to say I thought I was being tremendously ingenious when I decided to to attach a can of Carling to my drone and have it ready for takeoff in the kitchen to fly gracefully towards me in the living room. After a successful take off, all was going well until it had a minor scrape with the kitchen door frame and then “Houston, we have a problem”.

Almost of sheer fate drone plus Carling comes crash landing into my lovely chicken korma that was sat ready in front of me all ready for a lovely dinner.

So….learning points here….

  1. It is stupid to have a beer delivery service when the flat is so small i could lean back and probably reach to open the fridge
  2. Argos warranty does not  cover curry-related drone issues. Also customer services will think you are taking the piss
  3. It would make a good, if not totally relevant, name for said blog.

Welcome to my blog – The Drone and the Curry! Hope you enjoy readying! Will see you soon!